The Relax Retreat in Kent.

No planned dates currently. Gather 4 people together and Liz will run the Retreat for you in Sutton Valence, Maidstone, Kent or go on the waiting list for the next date.

Relax Retreat Maidstone KentCall Liz on 07815 904848 to book or email

How much time to you actually have for you?  Life seems to have speed up and it can be really challenging to have time out for you.  This is where The Relax Retreat comes in.  It is a day of relaxation, self awareness and change.

Perfect for any individual who is struggling to slow down, to have time for themselves and who wants to learn more about how to make this happen.  Life might feel like you are on a hamster wheel and you find yourself over thinking and procrastinating about things in your life.  You may be experiencing menopause symptoms or feel like you are going through a mid life crisis.

You may be looking to resolve trauma, build up your confidence, self esteem and self worth or to change negative habits.  By attending this day you will find new ways of dealing with stress and depression. The handouts will help you figure out your life direction as well as to help you improve your communication. Counselling/Coaching skills will be used as well as techniques used for anxiety management.

To relax properly, there are 5 key elements to doing so.  You need to understand yourself and how you are interacting to uncover your own blocks to why you can’t relax.  To gain inner peace, you have to go within and understand yourself and your needs.

In the workshop, there are 5 main elements covered:

R est, repair, release negative energy and refresh.

E nergy – shift it, balance it, and align it to your true desires.

L et go and trust – relax into your life and who you are.  Let go of what is not serving you.  Let go of the fear and the stress.

Accept who you are 100% – Be you and be authentic.

EX traordinary life – Excel at who you are, evolve into who you are meant to be by experiencing life to its fullest.

This workshop is packed with exercises and reflection time as well as introducing new techniques you might not be familiar with such as meditation, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnosis, Angel Cards, etc.  I will also share some of the latest neuroscience to help you get the most from the day and to help you see why taking a more holistic approach to your life will help you understand why you are feeling so overwhelmed and stressed. It is a very personal day and currently only being run with 4 participants.

The results you can expect are:

  • Feeling more relaxed and at peace with yourself
  • Less anxiety and fear for the future
  • More self awareness and deeper understanding about yourself and what you need to change to have a more peaceful and relaxed life
  • More freedom to understand that you control your life, success and happiness
  • Better sleep routine and feeling more rested
  • An action plan of the way forward so that you can relax more

What’s included in the day:

  • Handouts and resources needed for you to have a magical day.
  • Unlimited tea/coffee throughout the day.

NB. Lunch is not included and can be purchased from the pub.

What to bring with you:

  • Blanket and a pillow for extra comfort

Investment: £45

How to book: Ring Liz on 07815 904848 or email


Insightful and motivating day – Ros Larner

I attended Liz’s Relax Retreat, felt really relaxed, did a lot of work on myself which has made things clearer and my way forward.  A really enjoyable day – Alison Brown

Liz is very knowledgeable and the day ran smoothly.  Would definitely recommend the Relax Retreat! – Romany Simpson

Thank you! Very interesting, emotional and inspirational day. – Donna Marie Lockyer

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