Working together to help each other

Come along to a Free Tea and Start Up Wisdom Session for support, guidance and connection. With Covid 19, there has never been a time like it. Mental health issues are on the rise and businesses are closing left, right and centre. We all need support and this session will give you what you need to head in the right direction and give you clarity for the way forward.

Starting a business can be incredibly exciting and rewarding but there are also many new experiences and issues you will personally hit when you come into business which you never would have realised. Your own self worth can take a knock as well as your finances as you work through creating a business, getting known and being able to make a profitable business. Before you know it, your health can suffer. Anxiety can hit you and you can feel overwhelmed. Procrastination and stress can stop you moving forward and you need a wise owl to give you some advice.

Sessions are run on a fortnightly basis

Book in for online advice and wisdom:

14th September 2-4pm

14th September 7-9pm

28th September 2pm

28th September 7pm

As a multi award winning business mentor, coach and therapist it is my aim to keep business owners healthy and well in business. The key values of Insightful Minds is financial gain for those who work with me, empowerment and this is delivered with integrity. I have hit many bumps in the road in my business and got through them and I am able to help you navigate the obstacles you hit too so that you can keep your business going too.

Come along to one of the free tea and business startup sessions to ask questions, gain support, to network and to gain knowledge which will keep you supported. Should you wish to have more structured support after the session, you may book in for a free 15 minute discovery session with Liz.

This event is aimed at individuals thinking about having a business as well as those who are already in business but feel that they need a little more support and guidance.

NB: Due to this being virtual – you need to bring your own tea!!

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