Snodland Fire Victims – Help available

If you are on this page, it is likely that you have been affected by the Snodland fire tradegy.  Welcome……

My name is Liz Almond, and I am a multi award winning therapist and coach and I have been truly touched by your loss and would like to help you.  Having been through lots of personal tragedy and trauma myself, it is still hard to envisage losing your whole home in one go.  I would like to help families affected get back onto normality as soon as possible.  The sooner you have hope and vision for a positive future, the better which is why I have contacted your local doctor directly to offer my support and help without you having to jump through a lot of hoops.

To this end, I would like to offer each of the 22 families an hour of my time for free.  If you would like more time with me after this session, then we can discuss this when together about what you feel you need.  I am trained in eight different therapies to a high level and I integrate them to give the best outcome for my clients. More info can be found about me at I do usually work with business owners, and I am also working with the general public but my website is currently designed for business owners.

As you have gone through a significant trauma, I would recommend helping you by giving you some Reiki healing and teaching you Emotional Freedom Technique to help you have a technique to help you when you are feeling anxious and worried and you are on your own. Both are suitable for children and adults.  More free resources you can use at this time are taken from my book and can be found at:  I would suggest that you look at the Love Game and you use the Healing Tree meditation.  A general public version of my book will be out in a few weeks and would be good for you all to read when you are feeling a little more settled.

I am liaising with Dr Becky Prince at the Snodland Medical Practice to see how I can help you best. I look forward to meeting you all.

Give me a ring on 07815 904848 or email me on and I will get you booked in for a session. I can see some people immediately. I look forward to helping you.

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