Seventeen finalists for Kent Women in Business Awards are my clients!!

Seventeen finalists for Kent Women in Business Awards are my clients!!

Seventeen finalists for Kent Women in Business are my clients!!!

Well who would have thought it, I’m now a finalist for the Kent Women in Business Awards.  I’m up for the Innovation Award. Reflecting on my success about getting this far (you have to be nominated and then fill in a lengthy award submission including client testimonials), I realised that there was an even bigger success and win sitting behind my finalist status.

Having seen several of my clients post their finalist badges up on Facebook, I was curious. How many of my clients are actually finalists? I can’t tell anyone who my clients are (the 1-1 work we do together is very personal and ultra confidential) so people only know that they have worked with me if they given me a testimonial or they openly talk about working with me.

So I looked at the Finalists list and got a bit of a surprise.  Seventeen of those listed are not only nominated but now finalists  and they are also my clients in one shape, form or another.  They have either read my book Are you worth it? A spiritual guide to managing your money mindset for business owners, been on one of my workshops, attended a group coaching course with me or worked with me in a 1-1 capacity, or done all these things!!! Wow!! Often my clients will not fully understand the extent of the work we have done together as I am helping them shine their light and I can’t explain what I have done as it can undo our hard work!! Also, because of their self worth, I have to wait to work with them for a while as they don’t have the funds to work with me yet. I’ve also not fully appreciated what I’ve been designing over the years, so some clients don’t even realise they could do more with me!!

What a proud moment for me though having this realisation. I know what work we have done together and to see them shine now at this awards ceremony is truly magical and I feel truly blessed to have been a part of their lives and success. I can’t wait to be at the ceremony on 9th March.

So why am I up for the Innovation Award?

  1. I am working with business owners to remove the anxiety behind dsycalcia (number blindness), to help them either get out of debt or to prevent them from avoiding their business and personal finances.  So many business owners go out of business as they just can’t handle the financial pressures of being in business.  As I discuss in my book, I almost took my own life due to the anxiety of being £38000 in debt and with no way to pay it back.
  2. I’m working with other business owners to up their game to make more money and to face their fears of failure, success or visibility by removing faulty sabotage patterns from their minds.
  3. I am building up the confidence of my clients by using innovative mindset techniques.  I am helping them overcome phobias of speaking on camera, Facebook Lives as well as reducing the anxiety and fear of public speaking (I pass them onto a Public Speaking coach when I have removed the anxiety.)
  4. I’ve built in meditation and mindfulness techniques to each and every course and workshop I offer, to help business owners relax and prioritise their self care and to get in tune with their inner wisdom and guidance.
  5. I’ve created a VISIONary coaching system for intangible businesses to understand how to package up their wisdom and to be more financially stable.
  6. I’ve embedded a ‘spiritual’ and ‘heart centred’ approach to all my work, including my unique Love Game which is in my book, which brings together the deep knowledge and wisdom I have from being a teacher trainer, coach as well as being trained in nine therapies to a very high level. I’m teaching others to understand spirituality and to put this at the heart of their businesses to help humanity.
  7. I’m using a very innovative approach to analyse my 1-1 clients and to aid their recovery from chronic illness such as depresssion, ME, Fibromyalgia, Heart Disease, Diabetes, etc by guiding them to understand themselves.
  8. I’ve designed a whole system of products, books and services which enable someone with no money to still interact with me until they are ready and to see that in fact everyone is limitless and can manifest anything which they desire in their life.

As more of my work is published, the innovative approach I take will become more apparent.  I have so much knowledge to share.  I just had to know how to share it.  I appear to be learning everything backwards to teach others going forwards!!  Aspects of my business are very tangible (books, e-books, online courses, workshops, etc) but there is a very large element which is intangible which has made it a challenge to stay in business.  I’m still hanging on in there!!

So, massive congratulations to all my clients who have come this far.  Sadly I can’t name you, but you know if I have influenced you or not.  Thank you for letting me into your lives and for allowing me to guide you.  I applaud your success!!

My new e-book Plugging your money leaks in business is released this week  This brings together the mindset, mental health, money, health and business advice that I share with my clients.  Learn from my lessons about how to build your business in a sustainable and profitable way.  I made so many mistakes!!!!  My next book Awakening the Visionary Within will be out later this year.  If you would like to read a copy of my current book ‘Are you worth it? A Spiritual Guide to Managing Your Money Mindset’, email me on

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