The Profit Package is an introductory coaching/mentoring/therapy package of 6 hourly sessions with Liz Almond, the Mindset Shifter to help you uncover and unearth your profit potential. To help you start to value yourself properly, these sessions are designed to inspire you, help you dig deep inside to see how profitable you really are and to change your mindset. If you are suffering with anxiety, depression or chronic ill health, you may use these sessions as a starting point for your recovery or you may just use these sessions to focus on elements of your business which you feel you need more guidance on.

£50 one off taster session or 6 hourly sessions for £300. NB. After you have invested in this, you will no longer be able to have sessions at this price going forward and need to move onto Vision or Awaken packages which will allow you to dig even deeper and get even more shifts to moving forward as well as becoming more profitable as a business. These sessions are the starting point to shifting into the new paradigm of business – the one of giving and being heart centred in everything that you do.

Are you devaluing yourself or business? If you are, Liz will help you change your mindset in these sessions and get you back on course to valuing your wisdom and experience once more.

P Potential

Have you ever wondered what your profit potential is? How much money you really could make or do you limit yourself? Have you uncovered your full potential or is there more to be uncovered? Are you profiting from your potential or are you worried that you are not good enough which is affecting how much you could earn in your business.

R Real You

Who are you? Is there another you inside you trying to escape and to come out to play? The real you. Deep inside you will know you are here to serve others. It is time for you to be you, be seen and be heard. Learn to stand in your power, be confident and not worry about what others think.

O Originality

Are you one of the crowd or do you want to shine brightly and show your uniqueness. Being original and understanding yourself will allow your originality to shine out of you like a beacon of light which will resonate with your ideal clients. Create a system of knowledge which captures your originality and wisdom.

F Freedom to be You

Do you worry about what others think and about them judging you? Does this affect your confidence and feelings of being good enough. Now is the time to be free and true to yourself. Not worrying about others opinions of you. Learn to stand in your power and to speak openly and confidently about your truth within your business.

I Influence

Do you feel influential or are you worried to say what you think in different situations? By learning to be influential in your field of expertise, you will attract more business and have more fun as you attract more opportunities to grow your business. Your business needs to be fun and by doing what you really love, you will make more money in the long run as you are focused on your passion. Your clients will chose you as you are fun to be around and they resonate with your authenticity. It’s time to stop hiding and show your tribe about what you know by communicating your message and truth effectively through public speaking and writing with influence.

T Time Saver

Are you always feeling that you have no time to get things done and you have an ever increasing to do list? Learn strategies of how to manage your time better so that you can save time and use it effectively. Have you ever meditated or do you say, you haven’t got enough time? By getting into alignment with yourself and your life purpose, you will save a lot of time and money as you will communicate your message more effectively to those who interact with your business.

If you would like to book the Profit Package which is a series of sessions with Liz, email or ring Liz on 07815 904848.