Plugging the money leaks in your business e-book

Discover how to plug the money leaks, or prevent them from happening and create a more financially stable business quickly
I’ve created an e-book to bridge the gap between my therapy work and my business expertise to help both new and existing business owners understand why I didn’t make money in my business and why I lost so much money too and became heavily in debt.  I share many practical lessons so that others don’t experience the stress that I went through. Please learn from my mistakes.

Stay open minded, plug or avoid the potential leaks of money in your business and you will help many people and have an awesome business and life as well.

M aths

O rder not Chaos

N etworking and being a Giver

E nergy v Exhaustion

Y ou – do your best & don’t compare


L egalities

E levate

A ttitude

K indness

S upport


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