Liz Almond

The Healer’s Healer, Small Business Mentor

Welcome to my website. Are you underearning or undercharging and not making money in your business?

Do any of these apply to you…?

  • You give your services away for free too often
  • You are earning a lot less than your potential
  • You are frequently stressed from not having enough money
  • Your personal and business debt just seems to be growing and you dream of making a profit
  • You live from month to month on what you earn, with nothing left over
  • Your clients don’t pay you anywhere near what your work is worth
  • You don’t feel confident about charging more than you do now
  • You are working really hard but not getting enough business
  • You don’t feel like you deserve to earn more money
  • You see other business owners doing well and think why can’t I succeed and make a profit?
  • You know that you are sabotaging your success but you can’t change your behaviour
  • You are feeling overwhelmed by all the work you need to do and are considering going back to being employed again so that you feel safe and secure again
  • You keep wishing you were financially secure, but you don’t know how to achieve this

If this is you, then there is hope…. If you are passionate about the work you do, but your business is not bringing in the income you expected, you are not alone. Statistics show that only about 20% of heart centred business owners consider themselves to be earning enough. That means that 80% of business owners are under earning. (Bill Baren, 2014)

I am a specialist in Holistic Health and Wellbeing Coaching and Training and it is my pleasure to help you understand more about your Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Emotional health and how they impact on your business and the profits you are making. Your mind is very complex and the more you learn about how it works and what patterns you are following in life, the more in balance you will feel. Stress, anxiety and depression all cause you be out of balance with yourself, to ‘not feel good enough’ and to push away the very success you are hoping for. By learning more about the Law of Attraction and how to make yourself ‘Attractive to the Universe’, you will be able to achieve more success and money from your business and in turn enjoy offering the services you want to offer the world without feeling bad. In essence, if you work on your own ‘self worth’, your business will grow with you.

I offer a range of options for individuals and business owners to allow them to overcome debt, cash flow and money worries and to enjoy their businesses. Download my free money mindset workbook to learn more about what you are saying to yourself about your self worth, attend a workshop to learn tools and techniques or come and work with me on a one to one basis to get individual guidance, support and coaching to gain the success you deserve. I’ve personally recovered from some major health and financial concerns and know it is possible to make changes. I would love to meet you to help empower you to do the same.