Menopause/Midlife Crisis

Menopause and Midlife crisis. You either sail through it with few symptoms or it feels like your whole world has been rocked.  When you hit your forties, the Kundalini energy within the body starts to shift and you will start to asking yourself questions about whether there is more to life, if you are ‘really’ happy and if you are good enough.  You will start looking at all aspects of your life.  You might decide to get a new job to feel happier or to leave a relationship, but this still doesn’t make you happy.  There must be more to life.  Life might feel out of control, you might be exhausted and you are trying to workout the meaning of life.

Certain hormone imbalances can affect your mental health and give you symptoms such as mood swings, irritability, depression, anxiety, aggressive outbursts, tension, crying spells, inability to cope, poor concentration, confusion, low self-worth and loss of self-esteem. 

If you haven’t done enough work on sorting out your head and letting go of past issues you have had, you will find the symptoms such as anxiety, self rejection and feeling unfulfilled people tend to experience during the menopause/midlife will be much more severe.  As you approach your 50’s, it is very common for health issues to occur and for you to be feeling, ‘I don’t have as many years left on the other side of 50!’  More fears start to surface from within too.

The fact is, life is for living and if you are living in the past, you aren’t having the life you are meant to be living.  You create your own life.

I work holistically with menopausal/midlife clients to help them understand themselves and to start having a happier life in all aspects of  their life. If you are in business, and things are not working out for you in your personal life – for example you have empty nest syndrome, you aren’t feeling loved by your partner, you are putting on weight and you generally feel like your life isn’t balanced, then I can help you.  You may be employed and thinking, maybe I could start a business but don’t have the confidence or know how to do so.  If you want a passionate, enthused and motivated approach, then we should talk.

I help you uncover your life purpose and your passion and to re-connect to who you are.  You may be feeling lost, confused and rudderless and I can help you find a way forward so that you are feeling happier, more connected, energised and confident. You may or may not need my business expertise.  If you want to start a business, then I’m the best person to be chatting to!

I recently gave an interview to Katie Philips of the School of Self Love. If you would like some hints and tips about how to transition the menopause with ease, take a listen. (The audio does disappear a little but comes back again).

If you would like to know more about how I could help you, then give me a call for an initial 20 minute chat which is free. I will then suggest what the next step could/should be for you. I have a one hour ‘try me out’ session which is £99 and then I work in 3 hour sessions which are £450.  You may wish to consider reading my book which will help you as well as doing my online ‘Be Happier’ course which is only £37. The  To purchase, click on