Keynote Speaker

Liz Almond is a keynote speaker, trainer and therapist. She lives in rural Maidstone with her dog Charlie and cat Poppy.  She is an inspirational Spiritual Teacher, Coach, Author, Therapist and Business Mentor, who has spent her life learning how to help others.  Liz had an accident in 1996 which was a catalyst for change.  It led to her having two years off work and looking for answers about how to regain her health.  Positivity and overcoming adversity have been the theme through her life and Liz has recovered her health dramatically.

When she started her business, she was confronted with a run of personal bereavements leading her into depression which affected her success, and her business floundered.  She found herself in significant debt and had to apply different techniques to regain her mental health and financial wealth.  She uses a heart centred approach to get the best for her clients and to help them learn by not making the mistakes she made in life and her business.  She now inspires other business owners such as Coaches, Consultants, Trainers and Therapists, to be VISIONary within their business and to develop their skills around being a Visionary, Intuitive, Spiritual, an Influencer, an Oracle and Networker to ensure that they have a successful and profitable business.  She is a money mindset specialist as well as a therapist specialising in helping individuals overcome depression, anxiety and chronic ill health which may have been sourced from negative situations such as relationship breakdown, separation, bereavements, redundancy, or difficulty in finding love. The majority of Liz’s clients are midlife or menopausal.

Liz runs a multi award winning business.  She has won the Bronze Award – Alternative Practitioner of the Year at the Kent Health and Beauty Awards 2015 as well as being a finalist for Specialist Coach of the Year 2015 & Coach of the Year 2016 with the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants and Finalist for Kent Women in Business – Women’s Champion Award in 2015.  She also won the Kent Independent Trader Award for Health and Beauty two years running. She is currently nominated for Kent Women in Business Award 2017.

Her book Are you worth it? A Spiritual Guide to Managing Your Money Mindset for Business Owners and is available in a business and consumer version.

Potential talk titles

  • Business Essentials – 10 top tips for success
  • Is your self worth getting in the way of you growing your business?
  • Do you have the right money mindset for business?
  • How to create the right networking strategy to gain business from your networking.
  • Networking techniques – How to network effectively to gain business
  • How failing to delegate can lead to the downfall of your business
  • Create an award winning business by looking after yourself as the business owner
  • Is your poor maths ability sabotaging you making the profit you want from your business?
  • Strategies for success for your new business to become profitable fast
  • The seven steps to having a successful and profitable business
  • How your spiritual path in life will help you uncover your niche and your ideal client
  • How to have a happy life and business – getting the balance right
  • The importance of self care for business owners
  • The need to ask for help, collaboration and to use joint ventures to grow your business
  • Mindfulness – Apply techniques in your every day life and business to feel calmer and stress free
  • Using Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques within your business and your clients to gain more success and to get better results
  • Are you too much of a control freak as a business owner? – learn how to let go, relax and to delegate.
  • Visioning for the future – create what you desire in your life and business