how to start a business workshop Maidstone KentHow to Build a Profitable Business Workshop in Kent.

£99 for a day of fun, training and Aha moments….. Learn how to attract clients, opportunities and money towards you and your business.

It is perfect for teams of self employed advisers, consultants, coaches or therapists and dates can be arranged to suit your needs.

Are you struggling to get your business started and making money? Are you finding it much harder being in business than you thought it would be? Are you struggling to keep financially afloat with your new business? If yes, then the Business Essentials Workshop is for you.

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Carry out a SWOT (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats) analysis on your current position in business
  • Describe the importance of looking after yourself to allow your business to develop and grow
  • Identify at least 4 blocks to earning money in your business and solutions to remove the blocks
  • List 4 ways to change your current finances, to grow your business
  • Identify a potential niche/microniche for your business
  • Explain the 5 aspects to the Key Person of Influence approach
  • Name 5 potential types of businesses that you can collaborate with to refer business quickly
  • Identify at least 3 positive actions to take after the workshop to empower your business

Testimonials from happy delegates

“Thank you Liz Almond!! I had a fantastic time on your workshop yesterday! Whether you have been in business 20 years, 20 months, 20 weeks or are just starting out, this is a very useful and inspiring day that I would recommend to you all.  Thanks again for sharing your experience and knowledge with us all.  I put some things straight into action this morning.”

Nicola Leverington, Business Owner, Bridal Gowns at Jodi

“I really enjoyed the day, met some wonderful women without ‘edges’.  Would definitely recommend.  I learnt that some basics which need to be put in place and I need to build on my other strengths.”

Bola Fakoya, Solicitor, Net Solicitors

“Had a great day today with Liz Almond and Jude Hill, on a Business Essentials workshop. Great content, lovely venue and left with tons of new knowledge – thanks again Liz xxx”

Tania Emery, Principal, Beauty Academy South East (BASE)

“I can recommend Liz course for whatever stage of business you are at, you will get some insight that will move your business forward.”

Jude Hill, By Jude, Social Media Strategist

“A great day.  Very insightful. Have come away with a plan of actions to implement to improve my business.”

Viv Fox, Accountant, The Financial Fox

“Thank you Liz. Great day. Very positive.”

Ange Schroeder, Reflexologist/Yoga Teacher

“Very insightful. Liz has given me much more than just her time.”

Karen Poppy, Vintage crafts

“Thank you for a very informative and soul searching day. Bless you.”

Carolyn Bradshaw, Kinesologist

“Thank you Liz, you have amazing insight into everyone’s needs.

Shirley Heyward

This Is For You If …

– you need support with yo– you’re ready to make a commitment to your business by working ‘on the business’ rather than ‘in your business’
– getting clarity and allowing others to help you would be of interest
– understanding how to feel better with your business and your life is top on your list of priorities
– you want to feel good enough, know you are worth it and create a successful and profitable business

This Is NOT For You If …

– You want to continue to let things feel like a push, struggle or effort
– You aren’t ready to change the way you do things, to learn how to do things differently
– You are really logical and not ready to accept a change in your mindset and attitude is the way forward
– It is not your number one priority to experience happiness with your business

The Business Essentials workshop is packed with information to get you started.  To ensure you stay on track, it leads onto a group coaching programme over an 8 month basis which will allow you to explore in more detail and with support what you have learnt in this workshop, so that you have a structured and focussed way of keeping on track with your business.  For more information about the group coaching programme, go to:

If you are not sure if this Business Essentials workshop is the right thing for you or not, then do get in touch to ask questions. I offer a complimentary discovery call to ensure that you go onto the right workshop for you.  Email me at to book.

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