Has the snow brought your business and cash flow to a standstill?

Has the snow brought your business and cash flow to a standstill?

Has the snow brought your business and cash flow to a standstill?

To be fair the snow was predicted, but how prepared were you in readiness? Funny enough, I don’t mean did you buy enough bread and milk, but what business planning have you done in case you can’t work unexpectedly like when the snow appears and refuses to melt!  All over Facebook, I can see posts from fellow business owners who are saying they are having to cancel classes, sessions, or that they just can’t get to see clients.  They may also be putting their lives at risk to get to sessions, to ensure that they get paid. I can feel their anxiety and know first hand how it has been before for me when I just couldn’t make ends meet.  Canceled sessions because of the snow would have sent me over the edge.  I needed the money so much to pay off my debts.  I was living in scarcity mode.

My key learning was to stop worrying.  It actually gets me no where and from a Law of Attraction point of view was pushing away opportunities which will bring me the financial abundance I had been seeking.  I would exhaust myself with worry.  This year, I’m happily snuggled up at home, with the wood burner on and getting other work done which would have been put off otherwise.  I’m planning for my success and learning just to ‘be’ and to not ‘do’.  All events I was due to go to this week have been cancelled this week anyway, so I may as well go with the flow and relax.  All appointments with others have been changed to be online ones, which is working well and is saving me time and money and I don’t have to leave my front room.  Interesting!  When I was so anxious, I used to just work, and work and work, to try to get the money in.  This is a form of pushing.  If you push your limits too much, you will burn out.  I wouldn’t recommend it.  The Universe has brought us this weather this week, and it is your choice about how you choose to react to it.  Planning is key.

Whilst you may not be able to change this now for your business, here are my reflections about how to change things for the future if you have found this week of snow challenging financially.

  1.  Change how you deliver your business – can you Skype/Phone instead rather than having 1-1 meetings if snow is predicted?
  2.  How are you keeping your customer in the loop about the snow?  Predict they might have a problem travelling and suggest in advance what other options they could have. Ensure they know how to be in touch with you, so that they don’t make unnecessary journeys. Your customer experience needs to be planned before they work with you, so that you don’t negatively impact your customer around their ‘snow experience’ with you.  It could affect your reputation.
  3. Create passive income streams, so that you aren’t reliant on the money you get in during the week in case you can’t work (not just due to the snow, but you may be sick or your child may be ill and you can’t work for some reason).  Creating books, e-books, products, online courses, referral payments, or taking part in network marketing businesses, etc are all ways of having income coming to you from different sources, so that you don’t have to worry in case you can’t work. Whilst you have to put effort in to produce them, you can sell them again and again, especially if you can’t deliver your normal services.
  4. Update your terms and conditions to include your snow policy.  If you are unable to work/get to a session with a client, what is the procedure? Make sure your clients know that if there is snow that you will reschedule for their safety and yours.  They are unlikely to ask for their money back if you keep them informed.
  5. If you are being paid on a pay as you go basis, you will be much more vulnerable.  Missing a few days work, can be enough to break some businesses.  My advice is to always take payment for your services in advance.  This means that clients have already paid you, and therefore if you do need to postpone, it isn’t totally lost and your cash flow is still intact.  Most customers would expect you just to reschedule and wouldn’t ask you for their money back.  Legally they can though, so be prepared if they do ask to be refunded e.g. they can’t make the new date you have set for a session.
  6. Chill out!! Enjoy the snow and the magical weather around you.   A lot of the anxiety you may be feeling is made up.  For example, when you are wondering if you will be able to drive your car in the morning.  You aren’t living in the present.  How about visualising a positive picture of you driving in the morning and just checking what the weather conditions are like in the morning (not the night before) as they are so changeable anyway!  You will have a better night’s sleep too, I promise.

Wishing you a lovely snuggly time wrapped up warm and that your business is able to weather the Beast from the East.  Remember, you can’t control everything, but you can control how you react to something.

Much love and gratitude

Liz xx

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4 thoughts on “Has the snow brought your business and cash flow to a standstill?

  1. Kay

    Great email and blog Liz 🙂 thank you for sharing. I had, like you, a busy week planned, including getting back into networking as my work situation has changed (again!) but we can’t control the weather, only how we feel about it and choose what to do about it, so I have been catching up on little admin jobs, reading, snuggling with my cats and generally letting it flow.
    Keep warm and safe and hope to see you soon

    1. Liz Post author

      Hello Kay. Thank you for the feedback, that is great to know. Yes, we can’t control the weather. Good to hear that you are networking again. Come along to my network – Insightful Minds Meetup which is on the 4th Thursday of the month from 9.30-11.30am. It would be lovely to see you and to catch up. Keep warm and safe too. See you soon, Liz xx

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