Are you worth it? The Seven Steps To Creating a Successful & Profitable Business Coaching Programme  Owl

A group coaching programme aimed at new & fledgling  business owners and existing business owners who are struggling & ‘stuck’

1 day per month for 8 months (10-3pm) on 1st Thursday of the month

Investment – £600 (Payment plan of £75 per month available – £150 non-refundable deposit)

Location – The Haybarn @ The George Inn, Leeds, Maidstone (Pilot programme)

Starting 6th April 2017 (1st Thursday of the month)

NB. Although module one has now taken place, YOU CAN STILL JOIN! You will receive the workbook and an hour with me to help you catch up. There are 3 new people starting on module 2, so you won’t be the only newbie!! Get in touch for a complimentary discovery session, especially if you are a coach, consultant or health and wellbeing practitioner who is struggling to package up their wisdom and to attract clients!!

Get a copy of the full programme by clicking this link are-you-worth-it-group-coaching-flyer

Before you throw any more money at advertising, marketing, your website or other promotional stuff, it is time to look at yourself! By investing in your personal development, you can learn from a very wise award winning, author, mentor and coach and save yourself a lot of heart ache. You can waste money very easily in business and it is time to change some of your habits and strategies at home and in your business, so that you can have the life and business that you desire.  

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by having so much to do?
  • Can you see that everyone around you is doing much better than you?
  • Are you anxious about how to make a profit from your business?
  • Do you feel a bit confused about what to do first in your business?
  • You have a great idea for a business but you don’t know where to start with it
  • You lack confidence in your abilities and need support and a sounding block
  • You are sabotaging your success and you need someone to keep you accountable
  • You have no idea how to network, how to do a pitch or how to get clients
  • Everything just seems much harder than you thought it was going to be and you are becoming disheartened and you are ready to give up

Then this group coaching programme is for you. You will become accountable to the rest of the group and will help each other succeed.  By learning from others and helping one other, your life and business will change.  Additional 1-1 coaching/therapy is also available as required as some issues will be specific to a person and need bespoke support to be given.

What is included in the programme

  • Eight coaching days over 8 months (10-3pm) supported by an award winning spiritual teacher, coach, mentor, and therapist.
  • A secret Facebook group for support, guidance and mentoring support
  • Handouts
  • A few surprises along the way including meditation, thinking outside of the box, visualisation, affirmations, using therapy techniques to clear mindset blocks

The outcomes of attending this eight month group coaching programme, you will

  • Create a realistic vision for your business and uncovered your work values
  • Uncover hidden blocks towards your success and money
  • Build lasting friendships which can turn into lasting referral sources
  • Gain contacts to help you with your business
  • Create a one page business plan which is linked to your personal vision and the vision board you have created
  • Feel more confident around numbers in your business and identify money blocks in your business
  • Stop sabotaging your success as you have learnt to be accountable to others as well as yourself
  • Identify sabotaging habits and understand how to change them to feel more empowered and to easily practise what you preach
  • Establish an effective network which feeds you referrals


Day 1   Discovering the true value hidden behind your business and uncovering your vision 

Day 2   Identifying your ideal clients, micro niche and learning how to ‘attract’ clients easily

Day 3   Making business planning sexy and fun and in line with your vision and financial goals 

Day 4   Being honest about money blocks and how to manage money and numbers in your business 

Day 5   Asking for help, creating your network strategically to gain more referrals and to create joint venture and collaboration opportunities

Day 6   Becoming visible in your business and leading as the Key Person of Influence – Being Seen is key to getting the most opportunities

Day 7   Making money is all about relaxing, doing what you love, looking after your health and following your true path. How focussed are you about your health?  Practising what you preach and changing your habits to work from an abundant & positive mindset

Day 8   A review of all the successes and planning for the future. Setting Key Performance Indicators for the future success of your business.

For more information or to book a free discovery call to discuss in more detail about my programme, just email or ring me on 07815 904848.   “Feel empowered, confident and happy with moving your business forward quickly and in the right way, building step by step a sustainable business.”

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