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Focussed Business Strategy Day

Are you considering therapy/coaching for overcoming your issues, but you really can’t face tackling it over a series of weeks?  If yes, you may wish to consider having an all day focussed business strategy day experience with me which allows you to breakthrough your negative patterning and thoughts and to move forward with your life much more quickly.
Now is the time for you to feel healthier, happier and wealthier?

On your focussed business strategy day, we will meet in a lovely venue in Coxheath, Maidstone or other mutually convenient location for a full day intensive, focused on you, your money mindset, your health and wellbeing as well as your business.  You will have my undivided attention as focus on looking at the strengths and weaknesses of your business and what you are trying to achieve.  I will share strategy advice as well as carry out therapy and coaching depending on what approach you would like.

Before we meet…

Prior to us meeting, you will have filled in a questionnaire and written about the positive and negative events in your past.  You will also have written down information about your business and what you are trying to achieve and where you feel it is going wrong. I will analyse this information and bring to our session, a plan for helping you resolve the issues you are currently facing.  Together we will formulate a plan for success and to get your business on the right track, whether you are a start up business or someone who has been going long.

In the morning…

When we meet, I will share what I have learnt and will ask you a series of questions to dig a bit deeper and to allow you to have some light bulb moments about how to change for the future. You’d be amazed! Sometimes the smallest tweak can make a huge difference to your life.  If you follow all the advice given, you are in for some big changes ahead!  You are going to get much more from your focussed business strategy day than you bargained for! All good, I promise.

We will then enjoy lunch while we give our brains a chance to rest and absorb the morning’s information.  I will also use this time to design a personal plan of therapy interventions taken from Reiki, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy,Time Line Therapy, Huna, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Coaching to get you the most effective results in the afternoon. You may even have a tarot reading to start off the day if you wish! NB. If you just want pure coaching/strategy and do not wish to delve into your life and just want straightforward mentoring, then this of course is available. Just ask!

In the afternoon…

I will work with you more deeply on specific key areas which will be tailored around Health, Wealth and Happiness.  It will be your choice what we focus on and I will give you guidance if you are struggling with knowing where to start if your life feels out of control.   If your lack of money appears to be causing you most stress, then we will focus on this issue first and I will teach you how to change your current thinking. This could be by empowering you to Reiki, coaching you on how to change your current behaviour, helping you to cleanse your emotions by using Time Line Therapy and to change any limiting beliefs as well as helping you plan how to get the best results after the session.  You will also get the opportunity to give up any habits which are not working for you e.g. smoking, over eating, nail biting etc.  This session will be laser focused on the areas where you need the most support.  We just keep going until you have broken through your past fears and worries and are now focussed solely on your happiness. We will look at your business planning and strategy to plan your future.  There is no finish time, if we need to go past 6pm, we will…no extra charge.

The benefits of working together in this focussed way

Imagine how fantastic you would feel if in just one day, if you could have the feeling of heaviness of the past few months, even years lifted.  You can leave the day feeling lighter and brighter and inspired to make easy changes in your life.  You can leave feeling motivated and ready to put into action what you have learnt during the day.  It is now time to be the true you.  The authentic you, not just someone you are for other people. No pretences, you are happy in your own skin, not trying to please anyone around you.  Feels good, doesn’t it!

You will leave the day feeling amazing.  You will feel lighter and brighter and much more energised than ever before.  Your confidence and self esteem will have rocketed up much more than you would have thought possible. You will have learnt how to live in the present moment rather than the past.  We will have come up with solutions and approaches to help overcome all the specific challenges that you face when it comes to feeling happy, healthy and wealthy.  You will know how to change your life for the better and anxiety and fears will have melted away.  You will be more attractive to the universe and you will easily manifest the work you need to make your business profitable.

If you are having difficulty in getting yourself motivated, have been procrastinating for months, are feeling really tired and discontent at the moment, then you can’t afford not to book this session.  If you are feeling unwell and unhappy, life seems so much more gloomy.  You will find it harder to meet your goals and you will continue to feel stuck in your life.   Your health is priceless and you can do something right now to change it.  The investment of time and money now will be recouped time and time again in the months ahead as you will have more energy and enthusiasm to move forward with your life with pride and happiness and to make the most of your business.

This one day intensive will be followed up by a one hour coaching call to support you in overcoming any challenges that might arise as you implement your new strategy for the new you!

Investment for a one day Focussed Business Strategy Day is: £1200.  If you are having the therapy approach, it has to be delivered in person.  Additional expenses will be payable if I need to travel/stay overnight to come to you.

Not sure if this is for you?   Contact me for a complimentary discovery session on 07815 904848 or email me at

I am so confident I can help you, that I will give you a guarantee.  If take the actions you agree to during our time together, you will definitely improve your wealth, health and happiness.  If you don’t see a difference in 90 days, you can have 100% of your money back GUARANTEED.

Ready to book your session? I would love to hear from you.  Email me directly at or ring me on 07815 904848.

I very much look forward to working with you help you focus, reenergise and move forward in your life and for you to feel fabulous and free once again.

What my clients say….

“Had the most amazing ‘releasing’ session yesterday afternoon with Liz Almond. Thank you so much.  You sure are one talented clever bunny… feel tons better today. Thank you xxx.  If you have not been to see Liz before, I highly recommend you to pay her a visit and be welcomed into her beautiful calming room.” (Anxiety, Fear and Weight loss – Reiki Practitioner/Reflexologist/Medium)

“I’ve had the most amazing day with Liz Almond. I’ve had Reiki, hypnosis and tarot cards amongst other things. My eyes have been well and truly opened about my behaviours, good and bad. Now to put all my learning into practice” (Trisha Wood – Artist)

“I can highly recommend Liz Almond’s Focussed Business Strategy day. There have been noticeable shifts in my behaviour and thinking since I spend a day with Liz. I feel that I have been propelled forward into taking action in areas of my life where I had previously felt truly stuck – even de-cluttering my home has become easy! Thank you Liz x” (Jad Orlinska- EFT Practitioner)

“I just wanted to express my thanks again for yesterday. The sessions were very inspiring and thought provoking and I have gained a lot from them.  I appreciate the time you spent with me and feel very privileged – thanks once again.” (Anon)

“I wanted to say a big thank you for the day we had.  I’ve got back from holiday and feel that the world is different and I am in a better place. (Simon Oliver – Graphic Designer)

If you want to feel fantastic and like you are a new person, then the Focussed Business Strategy Day is for you……