Do you believe in Angels?

Do you believe in Angels?

Do you believe in Angels?

Having become an Angelic Reiki Practitioner last year, you would have thought I would have shouted from the roof tops that I am now qualified in this skill and without a doubt am a 100% believer in Angels, but there was still a part of me which wasn’t a believer. Hence me not sharing fully with those around me about my beliefs.  Are you a closet Angel believer too?

I remember asking my Dad (he regularly goes to church) if he believed in Angels after my Mum died in 2012. He said ‘no’.  So if the person I looked up to most in the world, said ‘no’, how could I evidence the fact to him or anyone else that I did believe? He used to be a teacher like me too, so looks for logic and science to prove things are true.   Roll on a few years and I know that I don’t need to prove to anyone whether it is true or not.  It’s just about me being true and authentic to my ‘truth’.  If you don’t chose to believe me, then that is ok.  That is your truth! (Your belief system)

Just because other people think things and express their opinion, it doesn’t mean that they are right.  What you believe is right, is right for you. Simple……  Apparently all religions accept angels as higher beings which can help us move forward to help us in a time of crisis. What I notice when working with clients who are governed by a religious upbringing, is that judgement comes in from their belief system which stops them from accessing inner guidance and help that they can believe in angels as others rubbish their beliefs as being untrue or fabricated.

Why am I sharing this?

Well when you aren’t being honest about what you believe in, it will affect your mental health.  I was being given guidance by the Angels about how to change my life and to understand my life purpose, but couldn’t talk to anyone about what I was feeling intuitively as I didn’t want to be disbelieved and thought to be mad! I previously was in a very logical job as a teacher trainer!! It could have been seen as a sign of a mental health issue (as assessed by medics).  Hearing voices and sensing things….

In fact, before I deliver an angelic card reading, insurers insist (according to UK legislation) that I say ‘It is for entertainment purposes’.  I really am unhappy about this.  The guidance I give my clients is spiritually guided and based on the £40000 of training I have been guided to undertake to have the wisdom I have now, so saying it is for entertainment is undermining and devaluing it.  Thousands of people seek out psychics and mediums every day to gain guidance and help to deal with their bereavements or issues in life, so why is it seen as a weird thing.  I believe it is actually making mental health issues worse!

If you do believe, please be honest and talk openly with others about your angelic experiences.  The more everyone shares about what they are experiencing, the more mental health gets de-stigmatised and we will no longer have to be closet spiritual beings.  In fact, everyone is spiritual and everyone I believe is a psychic medium (glup…did I really share that with you!).  In Neuro Linguistic Programming, we talk about everyone thinking in their minds via seeing pictures, hearing sounds, feeling feelings and sensing logic.  Having attended several spiritual development groups over the years, I now understand this is exactly the same as Clairvoyance, Clairaudient,  Clairsentient and Claircognisent. Everyone can hone their intuitive and spiritual skills if they chose too. The more you become in alignment with this, the happier you will be.  You don’t have to read cards to get the guidance, but if you want to learn, you can!  Your spiritual guidance is nothing to be feared.  Robert Dilts model of Neurological levels of change shows that everyone’s mind is searching for a purpose in life which is linked to your spiritual path and angels may be called  upon for you to gain guidance where needed. Often when you are anxious and feeling low, insecure and lonely and in a time of crisis, this is a great time to call on your angels for help.  They can’t help you unless you ask for help t.

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 If you know anyone who is suffering from a bereavement, anxiety or mental health issue, please do put them in touch with me. I don’t just work with business owners. Often individuals are not getting the right support and therapy and this is making things worse.  I can be contacted via 07815 904848 or

‘Be’ an Angel Relaxation Session

Only £30 payable in advance for a 3 hour session of bliss

‘Be’ an Angel – Are you ‘doing’ too much and not able to ‘be’? Is life going too fast and you can’t slow down? Are you struggling to switch your mind off and you can’t relax or sleep properly? You may be feeling really overwhelmed and stressed.

Remember you are supposed to be a human ‘being’ not ‘doing’.

If you are doing too much, then come and relax with the Angels on 17th April 2018 from 9.30-12.30pm in the Haybarn, The George Inn, Leeds, Maidstone, Kent.

– Meditate to gain inner wisdom and alignment
– Receive intuitive advice from the Angels about your next steps forward with your business and life
– Manifest using the Law of Attraction guidance received to transform your stress into calm
– Gain inner calm and peace by having some ‘me’ time. ‘Be’ rather than ‘do’….. Be an angel…..

It is time for you to develop Angelic qualities, to be an angel and to put your self care first. As you do, you will see your business and your personal life start to thrive once more and for you to be able to have the life you desire.

NB. If you would like lunch after the session at the pub, this can be arranged. Take time for you, you won’t regret it. My books will be available to buy as well as time to chat with me should you feel you would benefit from other 1-1 or courses on offer. Spiritual readings are currently £50 and can be booked directly with Liz. Reiki and Angelic Reiki is also available for the same price. 

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