Chronic illness/fatigue

Are you exhausted?

Have you got a chronic illness or had them in the past? If you have, you almost certainly have negative emotion in your body which is still causing you issues.  Any chronic illness can knock the stuffing out of you and if you have a pattern of chronic fatigue, you literally can become bedridden.  Holistically, fatigue is about boredom.  Usually you will be in a job that is not fulfilling you and is causing you to be bored.  You may have fallen into a particular line of work as this was a sensible thing to do to earn money or you were heavily influenced by your parents to get a job, no matter what.  Every chronic illness has low level depression underlying it and this can be healed.  It’s all about being passionate about your life and pursuing your life purpose.

I am a massive fan of the late Louise Hay’s work and am influenced by her book ‘You can heal your life’ as I have healed mine.  As I learnt therapies and worked on my mindset, I became well again.  I’d had 100s of doctor’s appointment but no one had ever worked on my head!  Science is now catching up with the holistic view point and if you want to know more about how thoughts created emotions which are linked to illness, google Quantum Physics.

If you have had or have a chronic illness now, I can help you. I can uncover repeating patterns, behaviours, beliefs or emotions which are creating your ill health and the exhaustion you now feel.  What I do is help you uncover your true passion and purpose and help you become re-connected and re-energised. It is a process of showing you how to heal yourself.  I’ve worked with clients with heart disease, cancer, strokes, depression, ME, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, diabetes and lots more.

If you would like to know more, book in for an initial free 20 minute consultation. A ‘try me out’ session is £99 and then I work in 3 hour sessions which are £450 and this includes an analysis of your spiritual path to help unpick why you are so unwell.