Bereavement and Loss

There are lots of different types of bereavement and loss and you may not be acknowledging all types of loss which you have experienced.  When you experience sudden loss or lots of different types of bereavements in a short period of time, if you aren’t using the right coping mechanisms, you can spiral into anxiety and depression very quickly.  The emotions of anger, sadness, sorrow, grief, frustration, distrust, anxiety, insecurity, helplessness and hopelessness can be right at the forefront of your thoughts.  It can feel that you are never going to get over the losses you have experienced.  You may feel like you want to die as the pain is so bad, however you can change how you feel and go on to have a happier life.  Become a learner of your life and learn to love your life again by using the Love Game.

The Different Types of Loss

  • Loss of not being able to have children
  • Loss of friendships – friends dying and those friendships which are not serving you
  • Loss of personal relationships with spouse or partner due to relationship breakdown or death
  • Loss of family members through death or moving away
  • Loss of dignity – health issue e.g. dementia or through trauma e.g. rape
  • Loss of a child including death of a child, miscarriages and stillborn
  • Loss of the life your children are not going to have due to their special needs
  • Loss of not being able to have grandchildren due to your child’s special needs or lifestyle
  • Loss of a beloved pet
  • Loss of a job through redundancy or retirement
  • Loss of health
  • Loss of identity – was living it through pain, health issue, or retirement
  • Loss of a loved community (online or off line) – a favourite club or group of individuals

Acknowledge how you are feeling and now learn how to apply techniques to remove the pain and to transform how you are feeling.  It is important to take action as soon as you realise that you aren’t feeling happy and its getting worse.  You may be feeling empty, you have everything to live for, but you just can’t be content and have no peace of mind.

I use a variety of techniques to help you feel much better quickly and to feel lighter and brighter.  You are probably feeling exhausted by the negative emotion you are carrying. You don’t even have to tell me some of the painful things which you have experienced as I can work on helping you feel better as I use a therapeutic rather than counselling approach. Time for you to get your life back and to feel energised again! You are probably already beginning to notice that I work fast to help solve your problem.

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