Free Be You, Be True, Be GDPR Compliant and Relax Meditation

Free Be You, Be True, Be GDPR Compliant and Relax Meditation

Be You, Be True, Be GDPR compliant and relax……

I’ve really noticed the stress levels increasing with business owners as the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 coming into force today. Data Protection has been about for years, but it appears lots of businesses haven’t really taken it seriously until now or have you and you are worrying for no reason?

The information being fed through from different sources has been like a pressure cooker effect.  Lots of people worrying about what they should or shouldn’t do. Does it affect them or does it not? Lots of discussions, frustrations, costs and anxiety. Any negative emotion you have is harmful to your body and is de-energising you. Stress is not good for you and sadly the GDPR deadline has put lots of business owners and their employees under stress to try to meet the requirements.  GDPR was never going to be particularly ‘sexy’, so most business owners probably put off this task again and again, ahead of earning money in their business and having fun!!! The deadline has now finally appeared!! Where did the time go that we thought we all had.

The boredom of GDPR has also been a problem as the emotion of boredom is specifically linked to fatigue being felt in your body.   I have to admit, I've felt boredom by receiving all the different opt in and opt out emails, the GDPR discussions online and offline, etc and have had to clear it from myself too.  Are you feeling chronically bored by GDPR too!!!  Why am I concerned about others being bored, well, I now understand that when we are bored and unfulfilled, it can lead to depression.  Having suffered from chronic pain syndrome and depression in the past, I wouldn't want anyone else to experience what I have been through.  It is really important that you learn to release emotions such as boredom out of the body by using techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique, Breathing techniques, Meditation and Time Line Therapy. You only want positive emotions in the body as this keeps you light and bright and allows you to manifest what you desire in life more easily.

Often some of the resistance to doing GDPR is linked to our own fears and resistance to our success. Any resistance is slowing negative emotion is in the body and that you are not in flow.  The resistance is linked to our beliefs around fears of failure and fear of success.  If you have been winging it in business over the years, being a hobbyist or just not stepping up to what you know you could be within your business, you will probably have found the pressure of GDPR quite stressful. This is linked to how your ego is working in your mind.  I was such a big saboteur myself and having to put things right having not put systems in my business when I started it has been very time consuming and tiring!! Now I am in flow, it is so much easier.  The key is to not make this GDPR activity all about you.

You need to put yourself into the shoes of your clients.  What do your clients need from you with regards to Data Protection? What are you not doing now, that you should do, so that they know you are acting from integrity.  You will probably find that you actually have quite a lot covered already and you just need to be a bit more explicit.

So if you are feeling the GDPR pressure,  I've created a free meditation to get everyone back into flow again and to release the pressure.  To be a 'proper' business, you probably have most things in place and if you haven't then just see this time as the time to get your act together to step up to be a professional business.

To access the free meditation download, please click on the link below.  Enjoy!!



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