Are you a Visionary Business Leader?

Are you a Visionary Business Leader?

Are you a Visionary Business Leader?

The more I work with new spiritual entrepreneurs, the more it becomes obvious that they haven’t even thought about the long term plan for their business. They have often come into business from the public sector or corporate world or have had a change of circumstances which has lead them to ‘reevaluate’ their lives so that they can have more happiness and time for them and have therefore they decided to start up a business as they feel it will give them more freedom and choice.  They have rarely understood what it takes to ‘stay’ in business and don’t have a long term plan or strategy.  It always shocks me about how few people actually have a written down business plan! Even a one page plan is better than storing everything in your head and winging it!!

My new vision is ‘I’m building a global money mindset academy for spiritual entrepreneurs seeking financial freedom.’

This is what I’ve been working towards for years, however I wasn’t clear about how to bring all my wisdom together to help other spiritual entrepreneurs and now I am. This is something I see as a recurring theme in my clients.  I’ve had a written down vision for years, and whilst things have shifted a bit from what I first wrote down, now that years have passed, I can see all the steps coming together and formulating into creating the business which I wanted to create to inspire, educate and empower others.  So do you have a vision that is written down and what are you building overall? Remember when you start with the end goal in mind, it is always easier to work backwards to see the steps to get there.

As I became clearer, I have designed the right products and services for my ideal client and there are now more on the way. I’m more focused, determined to succeed and its costing me far less as I’m loving helping my clients with what I’m really good at.

Why do you need to have a vision for your business?

  • Your vision is your spiritual mission and your ‘why’. It allows you to be ‘in service’ and to help more people through your business.
  • To live your life purpose with purpose and direction!
  • Everything you create comes from a projection in your mind, so your mind needs direction
  • To give you direction, focus and clarity, so that you are designing the right products and services for your ideal clients.
  • When you aren’t confused about your vision (spiritual mission), you will give off a clear message to your customers, suppliers and other people around you and they will buy in more to why you are doing what you are doing.
  • If you don’t have a written down vision (not just the one statement, but a 1 year, 3 year, 5 year and 10 year vision) you won’t see the different steps you need to take to allow it to grow and scale up.
  • To allow you to be more realistic within a time frame, as you often want to run before you can walk.  It takes years to build relationships, to build robust systems and processes and to get everything in place so that your business can grow and have longevity.
  • To be able to forecast more effectively the costs in your business and cashflow.
  • To ensure that you don’t burn out and get exhausted and overwhelmed by your business.
  • To avoid costly mistakes by giving off a confused message and investing in the wrong marketing channels and materials.

Why have a vision board?

Vision board 2017

  • A vision board can help you manifest what you desire in your home life and business and give you more focus.
  • To be able to manifest your personal and business goals more easily as you can see visually what you want for the future, rather than having no plan (when you are visionless, you will feel more of the emotion of hopelessness within you, which is linked to depression)
  • To ensure that your Reticular Activating System in your mind can ‘see’ what you desire and want to happen within your business and home life.  Some people are not naturally visionary and therefore need to fake the process.  For example, you would like to attend a particular conference but it costs £300 to attend.  You can put the image of that event on your vision board to help you focus on achieving this goal.  By looking at the image regularly and by feeling and seeing in your mind that you are at the event enjoying yourself, you will be able to ‘trick’ your mind that this is actually happening. Of course you still have to take action to get to the event e.g. researching train times/hotel to stay at, directions to get there, etc. Remember, what you desire won’t necessarily show up the way you think it will show up.  Be careful to not over focus on ‘how’ your desired goal will manifest.

To know more, watch my video –

So if you would like to uncover your spiritual mission and vision, then get in touch.  An initial chat is free.  The Awakening the Visionary Within group coaching programme will help you build a sustainable and profitable business and is perfect for both new and existing business owners who are seeking more support, guidance and wisdom about how to feel better in their business, to have direction, clarity and focus rather than feeling rudderless, lost and alone. The next Vision Board Creation workshop is on 1st February in Maidstone.




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