Anxiety and Depression

Have you been feeling anxious for some time or maybe it is something which has built up over years.  You may be experiencing panic attacks or the anxiety may have started to take over your life.  You have lost the confident ‘you’, you are worried about life and are just feeling angry, frustrated and hopeless. You may be feeling rudderless, without direction and unfocused.  You have no purpose in life.  You may be on anti-depressants or anxiety medication and been told by doctors that you will be on it for good. Your depression may well have come back again and you just want a natural solution to feel better as you hate taking medication as it makes you feel so bad.

Your issues may be around relationships, bereavements, debt, financial issues, social anxiety, or health anxiety.  I take a holistic look at you and what you need to feel happier, calmer, more connected, and energised.

It is time for you to be happier, to be lifting the emotional burdens you have been carrying and to remove the pain and guilt which has left you feeling deflated and without hope.  Time for you to shine your light brightly, to understand your purpose and to have a lot more fun from your life and for it be filled with joy.

I can work with you on small fears/phobias and specific issues in your life such as fear of flying , fear of public speaking, fear of death, etc or take a much bigger picture look at your life to help you tackle everything which is out of balance and is making you to feel unhappiness. I am delighted to be renowned for results. It is my mission is to fix your problem as soon as possible.

Ring me now for an initial free chat to see how I can help you.  If you would like an hour long ‘try me out’ session, this is £99 and further sessions are £450 for 3 hours including a 2 hour spiritual path analysis to uncover faulty programming, beliefs, behaviours and emotions which are affecting you and your happiness.  There is also a ‘Be Happier’ online course which is £37 to help support those who are not yet in the position financially to work with me.  My book will also help you with your anxiety and depression recovery.


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